We would like to establish cooperation with:

  • suppliers of dry and wet sawdust;
  • suppliers of wood waste, including waste from furniture production (dust, board pieces). We accept waste depending on its classification, with or without waste codes;
  • suppliers of agricultural waste;
  • Customers searching for shredding, land clearing, transport, tree felling and other service providers;
  • Recipients of our wood pellet;
  • Recipients of our woodmeal, which is used for further processing in a wide range of applications (including injection and moulding and extrusion technologies).


Long-term business relationship allows to fully appreciate your business partners. This is why we care a lot about maintaining cooperation and good relationships with our partners (both suppliers and customers). However, we are also interested in short-term cooperation, as well as one-off transactions and projects. These types of customers frequently come back to us later. We take a professional approach to cooperation in order to satisfy the needs of both parties.